Today marks the first code release of 2019 for us. We’re very excited to showcase some of the exciting improvements we’ve made, primarily the new RsysConfig front-end dashboard and the designation tree functionality for AutoInterface.

We’ve been working hard to deliver the new and improved dashboard for you. This is a big visual change and will allow much more data to be shown on the screen.

In addition, we now have many more features that can be used to edit table data (similar to Excel) - you can now add the ability to select multiple rows in tables, cut/copy/paste rows in tables.

We added functionality around archiving piping projects and specs, this will come in handy if/when your organization discontinues a project or spec and you no longer want it to show. Last but not least, this release will enable quicker RsysConfig dashboard load times, nearly 30% faster; meaning you will wait less time between clicks!

Designation Tree functionality allows for the designations of assembly components at multiple sub-assembly levels. More information and a detailed how-to can be found here.